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"We chose Railo because of the innovative features built in Railo 3.0 such as video tags and Amazon AWS integration. We also wanted an open source solution, which Railo will be in release 3.1. Our site rely's heavily on video delivery and Amazon AWS infrastructure, and we're very impressed with Railo's innovation and lead in both these areas. Plus, the support from the Railo Team has been great in porting our underlying CMS engine over to Railo."

Steve Collins
Project Manager
Codapedia, LLC

"I like it because it's open source, because it's faster than cf and because it's rolled up with blaze which is very handy. I particularly like the enterprise features of jboss that it gives me, and the upcoming deployability with "yum install railo" is very cool. Not to mention the ability to deploy a full backend with comprehensive enterprise level tools like hibernate supporting a flex front end all wrapped into a single protected deployable file... what's not to love?"

Toby Tremayne
CEO Magic Industries

"Railo gives my ecommerce clients a new option for their hosting that will stay in their budget. Instead of being stuck with shared hosting, I am able to set them up with a low-cost VPS server and Railo, and they have sites that can handle large amounts of traffic and perform superbly at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. It still amazes me that we can get the kind of features and performance that Railo offers and not have to pay for it! The support from the team at Railo when I've run into bumps in the road has impressed me immensely and I have no reservations about recommending them to anyone looking for solution from low-budget all the way up to an enterprise-level solution for their website."

Mary Jo Sminkey
Author of CFWebstore

"Railo is really RAD!
I have been using Railo for nearly three years now, and every moment has been a pleasure. The features and enhancements provided by Railo all show that it is the developer's CFML engine. From better cfdump to HtmlParse, Resources to Task Manager, ArrayContains to auto-patching - and much much more - Railo is full of fabulous features that make writing applications even easier and far more fun.
Yet - despite these many great features - Railo remains fast, flexible, and lightweight. A truly great CFML engine, Railo comes highly recommended whatever your task might be!"

Peter Boughton

"We at BLUEGRAS are using Railo since its first version 1.0. We are hosting several websites and especially needed two things: High performance to serve dynamical pages as fast as possible, and the right security system to separate the different applications/sites from each other without huge efforts.
For our video portal www.kunststoffe.tv we were searching for an easy way to integrate different multimedia functionality. With the Railo video tags we were able to implement all necessary functions without any 3rd party tools."

Michael Hnat
Bluegras Germany

"ZETTAMAX - The Social Software Company in Gilching near Munich, Germany - uses Railo 3.0 to develop the high-performance website builder platform www.maxverein.de. Based upon an easy-to-use rich media content management and sophisticated relationship management the platform is the core system for B2C Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) as well as the White Label Solution for scalable B2B SaaS. Especially the high performance and the easy way to cluster the system argue for Railo. Also the possibility to publish own solutions via the extension manager are giving us great opportunities."

Martin Kanis
CEO Zettamax GmbH

"The open source release of Railo Application Server is an Internet Milestone.  We were able to prototype a railo powered version of our Manhattan Real Estate Edition in 3 days with few modifications required.  Railo has been an overnight success for us." 

Ryan P. LeTulle, MBA, CTO
Virtual Open Exchange llc
www.go2vox.com | virtualopenexchange.com

"I have been a long time user of Railo for my blog site which I can, thanks to Railo, run on at home for free - which is what caught my attention in the first place. I am one of many who believe for CFML to grab a larger portion of the market there needs to be an engine that can compete with the likes of PHP and ASP on price.

Railo as a product has matured very quickly with the very dedicated ,supportive and friendly folks at Railo. I have no doubt that Railo will have a signification influence on the CFML language itself and the way developers will want to deploy their applications in the future."

 AJ Mercer